Thursday, February 21, 2013

Random House Brings a Book to Life.

Want to see how Random House puts together a book in all their lovely, high quality, shiny, publishing tower of New Yorkish-ness? Of course you do. 
Watch it. 
It'll make you feel lovely. 

Bitches in Bookshops!!!

There is rarely a day when I am so excited to come upon a video as I was when I first saw this. It was almost a year ago and I began saying lines to myself all the time. It shows that voracious female readers are beautiful, badass, and intelligent. If anything, it made me want to go and read something. And it's all a Jay Z cover, so it's even more awesome. 
"You use a Kindle? I carry spines. 
Supporting bookshops like a bra. Calvin Klein." 

A New Chapter...hehe

Okay, I've obviously had trouble deciding over time what this blog should be about. Blogs seem like such a brilliant idea until you realize they should really have a point...
So after several epiphanies and completely ignoring this space for nearly 10 months, here we are. I will be focusing wholly and completely from here on out on books. I love them and they love me, I think.
I'm a writer by trade and I'm completely infatuated with a good book. It can sustain me for a week even if I finish it in a day. My record for book reading is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which despite coming out when I was in my very late teens, I still inhaled the 700 pages in a day and a half.
Okay, thats enough book bragging for now, I will just consider this a space where we can all bask in the loveliness that is...

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Isn't she lovely?

Bianca Jagger in the 1970s was the epitome of all that was fantastic about the era. 
See for yourself. 

She got married in a Catholic church, braless, pregnant, wearing a white suit. 
Yes, that is on my to-do list. 

People can sense authenticity...

 I feel there is something inherently lovely about David Bowie. 
 Perhaps it's the fact that he could give a crap if anyone really liked what he was doing, because he had a vision and he stuck to it. Bowie is a case study in being 100% yourself. I think the reason I idolize Bowie is due to his amazing ability to change his mind about himself without regret
 I realized a few years ago Bowie is actually where my love of too-skinny rockstars was born. Every mistake has had a skinny man with longish hair involved. Sigh...
Oh, and a good test of possible friendship with people is if they have ever seen The Labyrinth. If you have not, do not try and speak to me at a party until you have.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fire in the Blood...

     When I heard, as a native New Yorker, that Romney would be taking a trip to downtown New York with fmr. Mayor Guiliani, bringing pizzas to firemen on watch, part of me was fascinated to see how this would go. If anyone wouldn't hesitate to tell the honest truth and not gloss-over anything, New York firemen can handle themselves. My father was a firemen, my grandfather, two of my great-grandfathers and two great-uncles were all firemen, several of them became Chief of their department. My (real) last name is pretty well known in several areas of New York (at least, on the walls of fire departments) so I was touched at the idea of Romney putting politics aside and going to offer the men who put everything on the line for their neighbors, a free lunch or dinner.
      Instead, what happened was a political candidate took advantage of the honest nature of a bunch of New York heroes. Romney went on to tell supporters at his next rally that a fireman had told him that he lived in a one-bedroom apartment and his wife was pregnant and they couldn't afford a second bedroom. Yes, that sucks, but if you are a native New Yorker or, I don't know, a living human being with a pulse, you know how difficult it is to afford real estate in New York City on a wealthy budget, never mind those who deal with (lets face it) badly paying jobs. Then, he asked how many of the men have to work second jobs to make ends meet, and I can tell you that any man who wasn't in the assistant Chief or Chief role definitely raised his hand. These men cannot make ends meet and they put their marriages on the line, in my experience they have higher rates of addiction and could be maimed or killed on a fire any day or time.
       So, as Romney began berating President Obama for this shameful state of our firemen, I had to take a moment to say; Romney, you could speak to them for hours and still have no idea what these men deal with. Being a paid fireman is a government job. You hate big government. Do you really think you would step up as needed and give these men more money as well as the social programs that they desperately need at their disposal? No. You wouldn't. Because what would pay for these things without the taxpayers as a whole feeling it, is if YOU as a millionaire, would pay YOUR FAIR SHARE OF TAXES as a citizen. Being an American means paying your taxes. I don't have a problem paying my taxes because guess what, I care about each one of my fellow countrymen, including you Mr. Romney. There is nothing wrong with taxes, you get one vote in this country and you have to pay your taxes. Sir, if you paid your taxes, which YOU WOULD NOT FEEL at all, as you live on far more than enough to be comfortable for the rest of your life. Your grandchildren will never know what it is to have a real job, you are so wealthy. Why don't you stop pretending like you're better than the rest of us and pay your fair share so that these men can afford a second bedroom to fit their growing family? Or so a fireman's pension can take care of his widow and his children (comfortably) for a time after he dies trying to save YOUR BUTT???

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Today is a very important day...

        Today, I hope to do well in an interview that is very important to me. I have to be honest, I really hope that I do well because I would rather be doing what I'm about to interview for than my current day-job. Its unpaid, loads of driving, and will probably be very frustrating at times. But, I don't care. I want that post.
        So, I will be needing good vibes when it comes to this interview this morning. I hope you have a great day filled with lovely logic and peaceful moments.
        P.S. I listened to an NPR story on this woman named Teresa MacBain, who was an active Methodist pastor when she came out at the American Atheist's Convention. She gave a speech, not yet having come "OUT" back home. And she seemed nervous as she spoke, talking about her unbelief. Yet, the strangest thing happened, after her first statement in the speech, "I am an atheist", the entire crowd (who did not know her) proceeded to break out into applause and give her a minute-long standing ovation. There were tears and shouts of support from the audience throughout the speech in which you could see she was nervous, but relieved. This shows that it doesn't have to be the "religious" who are lovely people. You don't need religion to be a moral, centered person. There is nothing wrong with the atheist among us.